Wildlands Updated to 1.16.5, Huge weapon buffs, New boss implemented, New Crafting System - 26/07/2021 - Update: 0.2

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Mar 26, 2020
First of all, we finally updated to 1.16.5 and everything should now work and is stable 🎉

Huge weapon buffs
Desert Eagle

Damage per bullet: 1.5❤ 1❤

Pendulum Flux Gun
Damage per bullet: 3.5❤ 3❤

Pulse Rifle
Damage per bullet: 1❤ 1.5❤

Hand Sniper
Damage per bullet: 4.5❤ 3❤

Anti-Matter Rifle
Damage per bullet: 5.5❤ 3❤

Heavy Anti-Matter Rifle
Damage per bullet: 7❤ 5.5❤

Dark Fusion Sniper
Damage per bullet: 9❤ 4.5❤

Thermal Rifle
Damage per bullet: 2❤ 1❤
Slowed time: 9 Seconds 7 Seconds
Incendiary time: 4 Seconds 3 Seconds

Single-Load Plasma Rifle
Damage per bullet: 6.5❤ 4.5❤

Rapid-Fire Gravity Rifle
Damage per bullet: 4❤ 3❤

Plasma Sniper
Damage per bullet: 11❤ 6❤

Damage per bullet: 3.5❤ 3❤
Reload all bullets at once Reload per bullet
Takes 1 ammo per reload Takes 1 ammo per bullet

Torment of the Void
Damage per bullet: 7.5❤ 6❤

With these changes, we hope to get rid of our Protection 2 max enchant rule for Diamond Armor in the near future and start the implementation of the new Netherrite armor.

More weapon changes will soon be made.

New boss implemented
We have finally implemented our new boss named the Iron Maiden. You can find this world boss in her unique building.
This is one of the coolest bosses ever and we have worked together with one of the best MythicMobs boss creators out there.

New Crafting System
We have changed the Weapon Merchant at the spawn and it now opens a newly designed GUI with all the weapons ready for crafting.

The "Craft" button will appear once you have all the required materials in your inventory. You need to have at least 1 free inventory slot to start the crafting process.

Furthermore, the new cannon weapons will be implemented a little later than planned due to some physical limitations within Minecraft. Vote rewards will still be reworked in the new future.
A new legendary weapon will be added in a couple of days.
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