Wildlands Bug Hotfix, Other bugfixes, Newly added and Coming Soon - 06/07/2020 - Update: 0.0.9


Staff member
Mar 26, 2020
Since Béta day is over we've gotten some amazing feedback and a lot of players enjoyed playing on the server already.
There were some gamebreaking bugs that have been fixed and some new ideas that are heavily considered into adding. We're also having some really cool updates coming.

Bug Hotfix
We've fixed the crafting abilities. You're no longer able to craft Legendary parts with dye's
Hotfixed the Scraps Dealer not giving the right amount of money for your Scraps. The GUI is still a bit buggy but the system works like charm as of now.

Other bugfixes
Bugs in the map were corrected.
Some items weren't listing the weapons they could craft.
2 Weapon Recipes weren't added correctly
And some more bugs unworthy of listing

Newly added
We've added the Vote Crate and are currently working on adding the other crates.
The Safehaven is officially open. You can now buy or rent your House, Villa, Mansion, Apartment or Cottage.
New achievements that require more grinding. We're considering adding ranks to achievements.

Coming soon
We are having our custom resource pack made as of now.
We hired an amazing boss fight creator that is going to create an awesome boss fight for players. Be warned as it will NOT be an easy boss fight.
The new weapons update is in approach

Adding vehicles
Adding Knives
Adding more Custom Mobs
Adding Airdrops

Let us know what you think of the new features we took into consideration and which ones should we add?